Philips Sonicare 3 Series gum health Sonic electric toothbrush

1 mode, 3 intensity settings, 1 brush head
Philips Sonicare 3 Series gum health Sonic electric toothbrush

Improves gum health up to 100%*
*more than manual brushing

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3 Series gum health Sonic electric toothbrush
Provides superior plaque removal and gum care in an easy-to-use power toothbrush to help prevent and reduce the early signs of gum disease while offering your most comfortable brushing experience
Improves gum health better vs. a manual toothbrush
Better than a manual toothbrush for gingivitis
With superior plaque removal along the gum line, this toothbrush can help reduce gingivitis up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush in just two weeks
Removes up to 6X more plaque along the gumline
Removes up to 6X more plaque along the gumline than a manual toothbrush.
Sonicare dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth
Our sonic technology creates a unique dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gumline for a thorough-yet-gentle clean
Guides you to follow dentist recommendations
Smartimer helps you meet recommended brushing time
This Philips Sonicare power toothbrush features a special Smartimer to help you meet the dentist-recommended brushing time of two minutes
Quadpacer interval timer encourages thorough brushing
Features a Quadpacer interval timer to help encourage thorough brushing of the entire mouth. The toothbrush beeps every 30 seconds, signifying it's time to move to another area of the mouth.
Offers a customized brushing experience
Three intensity settings for a gentle experience
With three customizable intensity settings (low, medium & high) you can select the right power level to ensure that brushing along the gumline is comfortable. After 1.5 seconds of brushing, you will have to push twice on button to switch mode. Once to pause and second to switch.
Recommended by dental professionals world wide
Proven to improve gum health 3 ways
Clinically proven to improve gum health three ways: reduces redness, swelling, bleeding (sites)
Safe on orthodontics, dental work and veneers
The gentle motion of this Philips Sonicare power toothbrush is safe for dental work, including orthodontics, implants and veneers, so you can brush without worry.
*than a manual toothbrush
**based on two periods of two-minute brushings per day, on clean mode
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Philips Sonicare 3 Series gum health Sonic electric toothbrush
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