Philips Norelco Axe body groomer

1 comb - 5 mm trim, 50 min use/8 hr charge
Philips Norelco Axe body groomer

Trim or shave for a sleeker body
The comfortable way to all-over smoothness

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body groomer
It's your body, so style and shave it the way you want. This tool is designed to get into all the places you choose to smooth, without nicks or irritation. Designed to work in the shower, so soap up and shave away.
Groom with comfort
Hypo-allergenic shaver helps prevent skin irritation
The dual-function bodygroom head lets you trim and shave in one smooth stroke. The hypo-allergenic foil shaver and round-tip trimmer help prevent skin irritation.
Length comb to achieve your perfect length
Just slip one of the plastic combs over the bodygroom to trim body hair to your desired length.
Use in or out of the shower, with or without gel
Trim and shave in comfort, in or out of the shower. The bodygroom is 100% waterproof, so you can simply rinse it clean.
Easy to use
Rechargeable: up to 50 minutes use from one charge
The powerful battery lasts for 50 minutes after 8 hours of charging. A quick 10-minute charge gives you 10 minutes of grooming time, so it's ready when you're in a hurry.
Stand for charging and easy storage
The charging stand is designed to be as small as possible, so you can charge your bodygroom where you want, or take it with you when you travel.
The battery light indicates the battery status (low/full)
The battery light glows green when the battery is full, and blinks orange when 10 minutes remain.
2-year guarantee, no oil needed
All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2- year worldwide guarantee, and they never need to be oiled.
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Axe by Philips
Philips Norelco Axe body groomer
Axe by Philips