Health watch

Track heart rate continuously, Monitor activity and sleep, Personalised health guidance, Syncs with Philips health app
Health watch

Continuous health tracking
Syncs with free Philips HealthSuite health app

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Health watch
The Philips health watch empowers you to live a healthier life by tracking heart rate and other metrics of your cardio condition, as well as activity, sleep and more. Get personalized guidance with the free Philips HealthSuite health app.
Get better insights into your health
Monitor your heart rate and cardio condition continuously
Get insights into your cardio condition by tracking continuously your heart rate, heart rate zones and resting heart rate.
Clinically validated measurements and algorithms
Designed as a medical device. Accuracy of measurements and algorithms are validated clinically.
Automatically estimate resting respiration rate
The resting respiration rate is the number of breaths a person takes per minute. This is usually measured at rest. Normal values by age: 18-65: 16-20 breaths/min 65-80: 12-28 breaths/min Resting respiration rates can increase with fever, illness and other medical conditions.
Automatic recognition for walking, running and biking
Boost your activity levels with automatic activity recognition and tracking for walking, running and biking.
Steps, active minutes, calorie burn tracker
Track steps, active minutes and calorie burn against personal goals.
Automatically track sleep patterns
Understand your sleep patterns with automatic sleep detection. Gain insights into your sleep behavior by tracking time asleep, how often you wake and sleep efficiency.
Quick and easy input calories on the watch or in the app
Balance how many calories you consume compared to how many you burn by tracking quick and easily on the watch or in the app.
Gentle customizable reminders to stand up and move
Get customizable reminders to stand up and move when you sit for too long.
Works with Philips HealthSuite health app
Automatically syncs to the Philips HealthSuite health app
Philips HealthSuite health app allows you to view your stats in detail and get personalized guidance for a healthy life.. Automatically transfer via Bluetooth® Smart Compatible with: iOS8 or higher / Android 4.4 or higher
Suitable for all day use
Always ON display
Always ON display. Effective for use as your every day watch.
Up to 4 days of battery life. Fast charge
Up to 4 days of battery life. Fast charge enables approx. 70% charge in 30 min.
Water resistant up to 1 ATM
Water resistant up to 1 ATM. The watch is splash and rain proof.
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Health watch
Health watch