Wake-up Light

Wake up with light, Gentle beep sound, Bedside lamp
Wake-up Light

Wake up with light, feeling more refreshed
with a Wake-up Light that wakes you up naturally

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What's in the box?
Height: 20.0 cm, Width: 20.0 cm, Depth: 13.0 cm, Weight: 0.59 kg
Highlighted specifications
Snooze type
Tap top to snooze
Number of Wake-up Sounds
Technical specifications

Easy to use

Anti-slip rubber feet: Yes

Snooze type: Tap top to snooze

Display brightness control: 4 settings

Instore demo fuction: Yes

Number of alarm times: 1

Charges iPhone/ iPod Touch: No

Snooze Duration: 9 minute(s)

Controlled by iPhone App: No

Well-being by light

Increase energy in morning: Yes

Wake up gradually by light: Yes

Natural light

Brightness settings: 10

Light intensity: 200 Lux

Sunrise simulating process: 30 minutes

Colors in sunrise simulation: Bright Yellow

Fall Asleep function: No


Number of Wake-up Sounds: 1

Music from smartphone / iPod: No

FM Radio: No


UV-free: UV-free


Box Dimensions (WxHxD): H200 x W200 x D130 mm

Box Weight: 600 gram

Cord Length EU/US: 150/180 CM

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Insulation Device: Class III

Insulation Power Plug: Class II (double isolation)

Power Input: 7.5 W

Power Output Adapter: 5.4 W

Product Dimensions: H 180mm x W 180mm x D 115mm

Product Weight: 290 gram

Replaceable Lamp: No

Type of Lamp: Liteon SMD Lamp LED

Voltage: 100/240 V

Logistic data

Country of origin: China

CTV Code (EUR | US): 8843350001 | 884350060

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Wake-up Light
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