Philips Norelco Click&Style Philips Norelco shave, groom & style

3-in-1 tool, Shave, style & bodygroom, 40 min shaving, 1 hour charge, AquaTec Wet & Dry
Philips Norelco Click&Style Philips Norelco shave, groom & style

One tool, any look
Shave, style and groom

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Click&Style Philips Norelco shave, groom & style
The Philips Norelco Click & Style toolkit is an all-in-one device that gives you the freedom to master your evolving shaving and grooming needs. Shave, style, and groom whenever and wherever you want.
Easy to use
Choose between 3 click-on/off attachments to get your look
Click the attachment you need onto the handle to turn it into a razor, beard trimmer or bodygroom. For a smooth face, use the razor. Use the styler attachment for stubble or beard trimming. Use the bodygroom attachment for easy and safe body trimming and shaving.
Get up to 40 minutes of cordless power after a 1-hour charge
The powerful battery lasts up to 40 minutes after a 1-hour charge. A 5-minute charge gives you several minutes of running time , so you can quickly finish off.
Battery light shows when battery is low, charging or full
The battery light goes on to show when the battery is low, charging or full.
2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage and replaceable blades
All of our razors come with a 2-year worldwide guarantee and can adapt to any voltage. The trimmer blades never need to be oiled. The long-lasting shaving blades and bodygroom foil only need to be replaced every 12 months.
SmartClick system for easy click-on/off attachments
The SmartClick attachment system makes it easy to turn your Click&Style into a shaver, beard trimmer or bodygroom. Just click the attachment you need onto the handle to complete your style.
Smooth face
For extra skin protection, use with shaving cream
Shave wet with shaving cream for extra skin protection, or dry for convenience.
Convenient and safe on skin
The dual rotary razor attachment is designed for an easy and clean shave with no nicks and cuts.
Perfect stubble
Change your look with ease and precision
Create anything from perfect stubble to a neatly trimmed beard or mustache. Simply rinse under the tap to clean.
Try different lengths to get the trim that suits you best
Choose from 5 length settings: 1mm for perfect 3-day stubble to 5mm for a short beard.
Groomed body
Easy and safe body hair trimming and shaving
Rounded combs and pearlized tips prevent skin irritation for reliably smooth grooming all over your body.
The handle and bodygroom attachment are water-resistant
Comfortably trim and shave all your body hair, under the shower if you prefer.
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Philips Norelco Click&Style Philips Norelco shave, groom & style
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