Facial Cleansing System, Multi-speed, Sonic Technology, Advanced Dual Motion, 1 Normal brush, 1 Exfoliation brush

Gentle deep cleansing for healthy looking skin
10x more effective than hand cleansing at removing makeup

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Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System uses unique Sonic technology with Advanced Dual Motion (Sonic pulses + gentle rotations) to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and residue for healthy looking, soft and radiant skin.
10X more effective than hand-cleansing*
Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion combines Sonic pulses and gentle rotations
The brush rotates and vibrates. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed.The coordinated movements of the bristles give you a thorough and comfortable cleansing experience.
As gentle as your hands; can be used twice per day
1 minute timer for the full face
The face can be divided into three zones:T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. Philips PureRadiance suggests to change face skin area after 20 seconds with a short pause. The full program lasts 1 minute after which Philips PureRadiance automatically switches off after to prevent overtreatment.
Gentle Cleansing and Deep Cleansing Settings
Philips PureRadiance provides 2 different speed settings: speed one, ‘gentle cleansing,’ for a mild and soft cleansing, and speed two, ‘deep cleansing,’ for a comfortable yet more intensive cleansing.
It easily integrates in your current routine
Includes charging and drying stand
The stand elegantly complements the iconic design of Philips PureRadiance. It holds the brush, taking less space and letting air naturally dry the used brush. When connected it fully charges Philips PureRadiance in 6 hours.
30 minutes of cordless use, 6 hour charge
When fully charged, Philips PureRadiance has cordless power for 30 uses, equivalent to 15 days when used twice per day.
Philips PureRadiance can be used in the shower
Philips PureRadiance is waterproof and can be easily used in the shower.
Leaves your skin feel soft and smooth
Philips PureRadiance comes with a range of additional brushes
Philips PureRadiance comes with two brush heads: one for normal skin for everyday use and an exfoliating brush to gently remove dull and dead skin cells for weekly use. A sensitive skin brush for daily use is available separately.
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